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11/07/23 - Undisclosed Business, MI.
11/18/23 - Residence, Laingsburg, MI.
11/19/23 - Bar/Restaurant, Harrison MI.


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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field
Case # 029 - Business / Inn

This is part 1 of a 2-night investigation we conducted at a historic Inn in Michigan. Our second investigation was on February 28th, 2012, and featured the first floor.. kitchen, lobby/dining area, and basement. The place is so big, we had to add a 2nd night (and more in the future). This investigation, we concentrated on the 2nd and 3rd floor guest rooms. For the information on the second investigation, click here.

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Basic Investigation Information

Location: Michigan - Date: 02/26/2012
Start Time: 10:00 PM - End Time: 4:00 AM

Solar, Lunar, Weather

Moon Phase: 24% of full - Waxing Crescent
Solar/Geomagnetic Activity: Active, Unsettled
Weather: Breezy, Clear - Temperature: Around 35°

Investigators at Location

5 investigators present..
Felicia Rodriguez, Tom Nohel, Martin Garcia, Monica Lerma, Tammy Francis

1 guest present..
Tess Goettl

Client Claims

Old building with a lot of history. Employees have seen and heard things. One has seen a woman in an olden time dress, seen a mist.. seen what looked to be a child running around and playing. They've heard their name being called, witnesses have seen objects flying off shelves, and have had strange things happen in some of the guest rooms.

Equipment Placement

We had 4 cameras recording.. IR cam 1 & 2: in the two 3rd floor guest rooms, where a big part of the activity is; IR cam 3: in a 2nd floor guest room, where we heard footsteps as we were setting up; IR cam 4: in the 2nd floor hallway, where passerbys see people standing in the windows.

We had 4 voice recorders running.. one in each 3rd floor guest room, one in the 2nd floor guest room, and the 4th was carried around by teams as they investigated. We also had 2 EMF detectors, a thermal detector, 2 digital thermometers, and digital cameras.. along with our other usual equipment.

Setting Up

We got to the location at 9:00 pm. After talking with the owners and getting a full tour of the place, we set up "central base" in one of the guest rooms on the 2nd floor. Once we had the cameras set up and running.. we took photos, temp. and EMF readings. Then we went lights out. We took about 30 minutes of silent treatment before the first team of 3 went inside for their session..

Investigative Teams

Monica Lerma, Tammy Francis, and guest Tess
Investigated: both 3rd floor guest rooms, one 2nd floor guest room
Approx. Time Inside: 1 hour, 30 min. / Personal Experiences: No

Felicia Rodriguez, Martin Garcia, Tom Nohel
Investigated: two 2nd floor guest rooms, both 3rd floor guest rooms
Approx. Time Inside: 1 hour, 30 min. / Personal Experiences: No

Monica Lerma, Tammy Francis and guest Tess
Investigated: random 2nd floor guest rooms
Approx. Time Inside: 1 hour / Personal Experiences: Yes

Team Member Experiences

Member, Felicia says...

As we were standing in the hallway on the 2nd floor, outside of the room we were setting up in, Martin and I heard footsteps or what sounded like someone walking around in the only guest room behind us. We both stopped in our tracks and turned around, expecting to see someone standing down the hall. When we knew no one was there, we went down and into the room the footsteps were coming from. No one was in there.. or none of us, anyway!

Guest, Tess G. says...

My second hunt of the night overshadowed the first by far. We started in the hallway and worked our way down to room 15. Upon being in there 10-15 minutes, we could hear noises coming from the hall. Tammy went to the doorway and while looking toward the end, she could see something moving. A few minute later, I heard a woman's voice, minutes after that I heard heavy breathing, one in-one out. It was very loud and sounded as though it were someone breathing through a respirator. It happened once more, in which Monica heard as well. Tammy used the temperature reader; the room read the same at apx. 54 degrees but noticed when she went around the area I was sitting and over the top of me, the temp raised into the 60's. I also noticed, I was no longer cold and the room's air actually felt warmer when I breathed in. Noises also seemed to be coming from the outside as though something small was being thrown against the window and siding and noises repeatedly coming from the next room, so we continued on into that room, room 16.

In this room we all heard a loud crash, which was followed by whistling. I also caught a dark shadow, about 2 ft. off the floor, it was small, apx. 16" long, 4" wide, tapered on each end. The first glimpse of it I seen, it was coming in my direction but began to swerve. I thought it must be car lights reflecting on something and looked to the sliding glass window, there weren't any lights and when I looked back, the shadow was going back in the other direction, almost in a swirling motion. We also heard several noises in this room. Monica called for other team members to come down to our room. They had heard similar noises as well during their hunt. When they went into the prior room we had been in, one of them said they could smell perfume.

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