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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field
Case # 011 - Private Residence

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Basic Investigation Information

Location: Owosso, MI - Date: 10/01/2010
Start Time: 10:00 PM - End Time: 3:30 AM

Solar, Lunar, Weather

Moon Phase: 33% of full - Waning Crescent
Solar/Geomagnetic Activity: Normal, Quiet
Weather: Cool, Raining - Temperature: Around 54°

Investigators at Location

5 investigators present.. Dan Moiles, Felicia Rodriguez, Amy Tottingham, Rhonda Harris, Ron Dankert

2 guests present.. fill-ins, Justin and Chelsae

Client Claims

Someone walking up and down steps, things turning on by themselves, footsteps in dining room, things coming off walls, someone walking up to sons bed and watching him, cupboards open on their own..

About The Home

This residence is a big, beautiful, old 3-story + basement house. 4 bedrooms, 3 on the 2nd floor and 1 on the 3rd floor.. a living room, dining room, family room, kitchen, 2 baths.. and partially finished basement.

Equipment Placement

We had 6 cameras recording.. IR cam 1: in the kitchen facing at a cupboard that always comes open and the doorway to the dining area, IR cam 2: in the master bedroom facing part of a tv that's turned off on its own and just the general room, IR cam 3: in another bedroom facing the stairway to the attic where footsteps are always heard, IR cam 4: in the attic bedroom facing the stairway and a safe that's recently been moved around on its own. Cameras 5 and 6: one was in the basement and the other was also in the attic where most of the activity is.

We had 5 voice recorders, one in each bedroom by each camera, one in the dining/kitchen area, one in the attic, and the 5th was carried around by teams as they investigated. We also had 2 EMF meters, a digital thermometer, a baby monitor carry around (so teams outside know what's going on), and digital cameras.. along with our other usual equipment.

Setting Up

We got to the home around 9:30 pm, kinda late for us but the area around the home was packed full with cars from a football game. We talked with the residents some more and got a tour before setting up. We set up "central base" on the front covered porch. Perfect for keeping us warm and dry! Once we had the cameras set up and running.. we took photos, temp. and EMF readings, and unplugged everything that the owners would let us unplug, which was everything! Then we went lights out. We took about 30 minutes of silent treatment before the first team of 2 went inside for their session..

First Investigative Team

Dan Moiles, and fill-ins Justin and Chelsae
Investigated: Attic area, 2nd Bedroom
Approx. Time Inside: 1 hour, 10 min. / Personal Experiences: Yes

Dan shared his teams experiences...

"We were the first team in the house, going in after about a half hour or so of "quiet time". Our first quest: The Attic Bedroom, where it seems most of the claims were centered.

While we sat on the floor around the bed we started asking the usual questions, and some that were case directed. After about 10 minutes of silence, we started hearing a "thunking" noise from somewhere in the house. It seemed as though it were coming from one of the floors below. We eventually moved to the floor below, and the room that the basement steps lead.

Soon after we were settled in, the camera that had been set to focus up the stairs flipped on it's side and turned on the tripod! It scared us quite a bit! We set the camera up again and began the investigation. After just a few minutes we began to hear the same "thunk" coming from the floor below us (the main floor of the house). We started asking "yes" or "no" questions, asking for one "bump" for yes and two for no. By the thumps we were able to guess that the "spirit" was that of a woman.

Soon after, we heard "footsteps" that seemed to be coming down the steps from the attic! There was then another noise from the foot of the bed where the camera was placed. It sounded just like it did when the camera fell, again scaring us, but the camera was still in place and we could find nothing amiss! After we settled down again we continued with the investigation.

We began to hear something we can only discribe as a trunk being dragged on the floor. We weren't sure if it were coming from inside the house. It could have been something outside... perhaps even the low hum of a cars engine. I decided to go up the steps anyway, to check it out. After all, part of the clients claims are that the old combination safe that was on the floor under a desk, would slide around on the floor. The safe was safe and sound, it hadn't moved from it's spot under the desk. Back downstairs with the other two... Jussi thinks he hears a feminine voice whispering from upstairs.

I suggested to the spirit to do something more at the end of the bed, since that is where the camera had fallen and also the second noise that sounded the same. As if on cue: the EMF detector, situated next to the camera gave 2 quick "beeps"! We had done an EMF sweep before the investigation and found no response in this area. After several more minutes of quiet, we left the house for the next team. All in all it was a pretty interesting investigation, even though nothing could be determined paranormal or not!"

Second Investigative Team

Felicia Rodriguez, Amy Tottingham, Rhonda Harris
Investigated: Basement, Kitchen, Livingroom, Master Bedroom
Approx. Time Inside: 1 hour, 10 min. / Personal Experiences: Questionable

Felicia shared her teams experiences...

"Amy, Rhonda and I went into the basement first. The first team had started all the way upstairs, so we decided to start all the way down. We didn't stay down there too long. You could feel the energy from the EMF down there, but we didn't feel much else. The sump pump also kept turning on because it was raining outside, so it was hard to do anything.

So we went back up and into the kitchen. We noticed when we first went downstairs, that the cupboard had popped slightly open. We closed it, went downstairs.. when we came back up, it had popped open again. Messing around with it, it doesn't open easily, it's a pretty tight fit. We stood there for a while asking questions and trying to get anything that might have opened it, to do it again. At one point, it did pop open with us standing in there, but we couldn't get it to actually swing open like the claims.

We moved into the living room after that. Rhonda had to leave so Amy and I sat and asked more questions. We started hearing some noises from above us, and with Amy standing at the bottom of the stairs, she thought she heard footsteps going up and down.. so we eventually made our way upstairs to see what might be up there!

We went into the master bedroom and heard a couple of strange noises on or around the bed. When it got quiet and we couldn't figure out what the noise was, we decided to turn the tv on and test a theory to debunk. We ended up leaving the tv on for the rest of the night and it never went off for us.

We spent the last few minutes of our session in the other bedroom where the first team was hearing noises. It's also the room that leads to the stairway and attic. A couple of noises, but by that point, it had gotten pretty quiet."

Third Investigative Team

Ron Dankert, Amy Tottingham, and fill-ins Justin and Chelsae
Investigated: 2nd Bedroom, Attic Bedroom
Approx. Time Inside: 35 min. / Personal Experiences: Questionable

Amy shared her teams experiences...

"When Ron, Justan, Chelsae and I went into the house (at the end of the night), we went straight upstairs to the second floor and sat in the bedroom that is at the bottom of the attic stairs. We did not hear much, just the sounds of something moving up in the attic. So since we were hearing noises come from the attic location, we decided to follow it and go up to the attic bedroom and try to get something. Up in the attic there was some noises but no other kind of personal experience."

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