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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field
Case # 010 - Private Residence

This house was built some time between 1955 and 1960. In 1960, the inhabitants were Robert J. and Janice K. B. Jr.. Robert was a serviceman for Firestone Stores. 1964 through at least 1971 was David E.H.. No unusual news about the residence or the inhabitants.. yet.

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Basic Investigation Information

Location: Owosso, MI - Date: 09/25/2010
Start Time: 10:00 PM - End Time: 3:00 AM

Solar, Lunar, Weather

Moon Phase: 93% of full - Waning Gibbous
Solar/Geomagnetic Activity: Normal, Quiet
Weather: Cool, Chilly - Temperature: Around 50°

Investigators at Location

6 investigators present.. Amy Herald, Ward Delbridge, Dan Moiles, Felicia Rodriguez, Rhonda Harris, Cris Valenzuela
1 guest present.. fill-in, Justin

Client Claims

Women of the house have seen an apparition of a little girl, and more recently, now a male. Owner was touched or brushed on the head. Have heard voices or names being called. Objects disappear and reappear, things move, doors open/close, lights turn on/off. There's a heaviness in the bedroom. One paranormal team has already been in and caught evps of a girl, but now that a man has been seen, owners want another, more thorough investigation done.

About The Home

This residence is a small but very nice rental house. 2 bedrooms, a livingroom, kitchen, bath and laundry.

Equipment Placement

We had 4 cameras recording.. IR cam 1: in the livingroom covering the living area and the kitchen area, IR cam 2: in the kitchen facing the laundry room where activity has happened before, IR cam 3: in the master bedroom facing the door where a presence was felt following the resident, IR cam 4: in the second bedroom covering the whole area where an apparition of a man was seen.

We had 4 voice recorders, one in each bedroom, one in the living/kitchen area, and the 4th was carried around by teams as they investigated. We also had 2 EMF meters, a digital thermometer, a baby monitor carry around (so teams outside know what's going on), and digital cameras.. along with our other usual equipment.

Setting Up

We got to the home around 8 pm. We talked with the resident some more and got a tour before setting up. We set up "central base" in the van behind the house. Once we had the cameras set up and running.. we took photos, temp. and EMF readings, and unplugged all of the appliances that gave off high EMF frequencies.. Then we went lights out. We took about 30 minutes of silent treatment before the first team of 2 went inside for their session..

First Investigative Team

Amy Herald, Felicia Rodriguez
Investigated: 2nd Bedroom, Livingroom
Approx. Time Inside: 1 hour, 10 min. / Personal Experiences: Yes

Felicia shared her teams experiences...

"We started out in the 2nd bedroom doing an EVP session, asking the usual questions. After about 20 minutes and not really getting a sense of a whole lot, we moved out into the livingroom. After taking some readings and asking some more questions, we started testing some theories to debunk, and taking some pictures. Amy was sitting in the chair facing one direction and I was sitting on the floor facing the kitchen. When I went to sit down, I thought I saw a shadow move by the table in the kitchen. I got up and down several times to try to recreate it, but couldn't find the same thing from myself.

A few minutes later, the EMF detector, which was sitting on the arm of the chair next to Amy, went off and beeped once. Amy saw and heard it, I only heard it because I was looking the other way. We then started focusing on the EMF meter. Amy was watching it and noticing that it was holding in the middle and spiking on random occasions. We started asking questions and trying to get it to come closer. At one point, I asked if it would give one good last burst of energy and try to make it go off. A few seconds later, it beeped twice. I grabbed my camera and tried to take a few pictures of the surrounding area, and then took a video to try to capture it. We weren't able to get it to go off on video, but we did record some of the spiking.

After we stopped recording, and I went to sit back down, Amy moved it onto the table next to her.. And it started going off a bit more constantly. It would stop, then start up again. We thought it could have ran into an electrical field, and spent 20 minutes or so trying to figure out what would make it do that, other than something paranormal. No outlets, no appliances (they were unplugged), no walls nearby, nothing we could see or find. It would only do it in one specific spot, pointing at open air, and being very random. We couldn't find any explanation. Hopefully audio will help back this up."

Second Investigative Team

Dan Moiles, Rhonda Harris
Investigated: Master Bedroom, 2nd Bedroom, Livingroom
Approx. Time Inside: 1 hour / Personal Experiences: Questionable

Dan shared his teams experiences...

"Upon entering the home, my teammate, Rhonda and I, decided to start our investigation in the clients bedroom. Our client had said that when she first moved into the home, in July, the air seemed heavy in her room and it made it hard to sleep. While investigating there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary about the room. Next we moved on to the adult daughter's bedroom. Again, there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary here either. It did seem colder, but our thermometer showed a fairly steady 65 degrees.

Off to the living room we go. Clients had reported "seeing" a little girl, so we continued speaking softly, and kind, to try and coax her out. When this seemed to just not be working, we decided to try the "upset parents" routine. Without using too much aggression, we spoke as we do with our own children when they mis-behave. Immediately after using this voice, the EMF detector beeped a couple of times as if in response. Twice more, it beeped and the red light came on.

It is true that the area around the EMF is a "fear cage", but we had disabled all the appliances that caused the "fear cage" before starting the night's investigation. While the reactions we recieved from the EMF detector, in and of themselves, are not enough to lable as paranormal, we are confident that upon analysys of our audio and perhaps video from the night's investigation, we will find enough evidence to support this claim."

Third Investigative Team

Ward Delbridge, Cris Valenzuela, and guest fill-in Justin
Investigated: Livingroom
Approx. Time Inside: 1 hour, 45 min. / Personal Experiences: Yes

Ward shared his teams experiences...

"Our team focused on the living room, and our main objective was to figure out if the EMF detector was being activated by paranormal activity, or if there was a more scientific reason.

The EMF detector was giving off a very fluctuating read, which is abnormal for an investigation. Usually, if we get any response at all, it is brief and quite precise in response to our questions. This night however, it seemed to be quite steady at times, and showed no signs of activity at other times. This could either mean that there was a spirit near the machine for long periods of time, or it could mean that the home had a "fear cage".

A "fear cage" is when there are many different electrical items in a small area, causing a high electro-magnetic field, which can cause an un-easy feeling for those surrounded by this "fear cage".

Another possibility is that the spirit was feeding off the energy caused by the fear cage, as a common belief is that spirits use energy to manifest themselves. This is why electrical storms are commonly used in stories of ghosts and other paranormal experiences. Also, it is very common for our battery operated equipment to lose all energy, causing us to have to change batteries often. This we believe could be caused by the spirits absorbing the energy from the batteries.

We moved the EMF detector many times this night, to see if there would be any difference in the high levels of detection. Result being that it still showed higher than normal activity in the room. No solid determination was made as to whether or not the high EMF was caused by paranormal or scientifc means."

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Analysis & Thoughts

We did have some personal experiences. Whether we can chalk them up as paranormal, we can't. However, we couldn't find an explanation for it, after spending half of the night looking for one. When you disable a "fear cage" in someone's house, and it still goes off in random bursts, it's a little strange. After going through evidence and capturing a couple of EVPs, there's better chances that there is something there. Either way, the entire case was very interesting.

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