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Case # 009 - History

The Home's History

Land / house granted by A. L. Williams to Scottish immigrant family in 1866 to Thomas and Alice Lorimer. Don't know if he built but I believe so. Might have been smaller or rather different (possibly facing Cass). On 16 April 1867, their oldest son Robert was accidentally shot at Ira Merrell's (later the Elks Lodge corner of Mason and Washington) while goofing around with a navy revolver with a 14 yr. old Louis Merell there. The revolver accidentally discharged, entering above Robert's right eye and exiting through his right temple. He fell to the floor, got up and asked for Dr. Perkins to be called and thereafter became measurably insensible. He died 22 April in the afternoon. The funeral was at his parents on 27 April 1867 at 01:30 PM. That was probably here. It said the house was near the depot, and that was straight a block or 2 south. I found a Civil War era bullet, quit amazingly and quite by accident, in the basement wall in what appears to be some sort of filled in cavern. Keepsake left with the property? Bullet from the war kept by someone else? 1876 Lorimer granted the property to an Irish immigrant couple, Patrick and Jane Kerr. Patrick died in 1885 of Blight's disease. Funeral in Nov. 1885 here. Wife Jane died next door 22 Nov. 1909 at her daughter's house Lavina (now Nusbaum). The same design and perhaps builder are evident. Probably this family built the carriage barn on both properties, deeded in halves in 1919. There is a story in the Chicago Tribune that I only have scant info for but there is an article that mentions Jane Kerr, Owosso and looking from one of these houses to the other and seeing a ghost. Notes all over the place and kind find specifics now. Sorry. After that, it was probably Robert C. Wilcox (for certain by 1915). He opened the airport in Owosso with a partner. The Wilcox family suffered a few deathly illnesses and I believe this Robert was adopted. His wife was given 4-15 years in Detroit prison for embezzling thousands of $$ from the American Legion, where she was treasurer. By 1921 a man with a strange name JD Cummings lived here and I have found little about this man. I have even come in contact with his brother's granddaughter. BTW, I have spoken to the great-grandson of Thomas Lorimer's brother as well. I believe he sold the property directly to Karl K. and Helen Hoenshell. Karl died on Halloween in 1957 at the hospital. Carl C., his son was killed in action over Romania (Bulgaria) 10 June 1944. I find it strange that the crash site was on the same parallel as Owosso in Eastern Europe and Carl was taken home and had a proper burial the same year we bought the house in 2003.

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