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Solar X-rays
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Case # 008 - Private Residence

We've dated this house back to 1892, but it could be older than that. It's seen much wear and tear over the years and has housed many people, also having community-type ties. It has since been completely redone inside and is a beautiful house! But the thing that interests us the most personally, is the close ties with the factory that we've investigated twice before. We didn't know until our researcher started digging things up on this place.. but 2 former residents carried top positions at the factory we've investigated, before it became what it is now.. along with the current owner, who also works there now. The current owner has told us that he feels like something is following him and it seems to be such a strange coincidence that former residents also worked where he does now. Strange? Could it all be tied together?

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Basic Investigation Information

Location: Corunna, Mi - Date: 04/24/2010
Start Time: 11:00 PM - End Time: 4:00 AM

Solar, Lunar, Weather

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous, 89% full
Solar/Geomagnetic Activity: Normal, Unsettled
Weather: Rainy, cool - Temperature: 50°

Investigators at Location

8 investigators present.. Amy Herald, Dan Moiles, Ward Delbridge, Felicia Rodriguez, Jayna Ferris, Tom Nohel, Ron Dankert, Cris Valenzuela
2 guests present.. contest winners: Paul Kosmicki & Rhonda Thomas

Client Claims

The usual case of seeing and/or hearing things.. shadows or voices, bangs. Client seems to think something may be following him.. his place of work, his home and another home he's residing in. This residence also holds some "coincidental" information in the history to another location we've done..

About The Home

This residence is a big and old two-story house. 2 bedrooms with a nursery and an unfinished bath upstairs, plus 2 attics. And a livingroom, diningroom, kitchen, computer room, bath and laundry on the main floor. Also has a basement.

Equipment Placement

We had 5 cameras recording.. IR cam 1: in the livingroom spanning the entire living and dining areas, IR cam 2: in the kitchen facing the laundry/basement area, IR cam 3: top of the stairs facing master bedroom and kids' room, plus stairway, IR cam 4: in the master bedroom facing into the attached nursery. We also put another nightvision camera in the basement, covering as much area as we could, and the areas "hot spots".

We put a voice recorder in the living/dining area on the diningroom table, one in the kitchen/laundry area on the dryer, another in the nursery upstairs, the 4th in the kids' bedroom, and the 5th was carried around by teams as they investigated. We also had 2 EMF meters, a digital thermometer, a baby monitor, and digital cameras.. along with our other usual equipment.

Setting Up

We met at a nearby restaurant first, as this was also our contest investigation where we invite 3 of our contest winners to join us for a night. So we got there around 7-7:30 and had a small meeting before the winners arrived at 8pm. We talked with them and discussed the interesting history of the location with our researcher. We then hopped in the cars and headed to the location, first stopping by the "historically tied in" factory that we've investigated twice now (info on that above). We got to the house, the home owner gave us the tour and we started to set up, after we found a place for central base!

We set "central base" on the covered front porch of the house, perfect for that night! We were expecting rain and had too many people to set and sit in the van! Once we were all set up and running, and all readings/photos were taken.. we gave about 20-25 minutes of silent treatment, allowing equipment to run with no one in the home.. and then the first team of 3 went inside for their 1-hour session. Since we had contest winners with us (2 this time, usually 3), each winner was placed with a team of 2 members and got the chance to investigate with them.

First Investigative Team

Dan Moiles, Ward Delbridge, Rhonda Thomas (contest winner)
Investigated: Basement, Livingroom, Master Bedroom
Approx. Time Inside: 1 hour / Personal Experiences: Yes

Dan shared his teams experiences...

"After "lights out" the team leaves the house for "quiet time" . (This is usually between half an hour to an hour where no one is in the house, but the cameras and recorders are running.) my group went into the house for the first investigation. Ward and I (Dan) and one of our contest winners, Rhonda, started our investigating in the basement. This is the area that Rhonda found the most drawn to, so we figured it was good as any place to start.

We started at one far end of the basement and after some silence and "introduction time" we started with asking our questions. Above us we heard (very distinctly) the sound of footsteps. There were about 3 or 4 steps that sounded as though they may have been boots on a hard wood floor. We made contact with the group outside to make sure they hadn't gone in the house for anything. They hadn't. I wondered if perhaps we had been hearing the rest of the team on the porch, but Rhonda remembered that the porch was cement, and would not have made that kind of sound. (nice catch Rhonda!)

We also all heard a few hard "knocks" from above us, so we decided to move upstairs to the family room. After several minutes of trying to get whatever was making the noises to repeat them, we decided that whatever it was did not want to communicate further, so we headed to the master bedroom on the second floor.

While in the master bedroom, there were a few times that we thought we had maybe heard a females voice, but we were unable to determine where it came from. Just as we were ending our investigation, the team outside had asked us if one of us had "laughed" into the monitoring system. We hadn't.."

Second Investigative Team

Amy Herald, Cris Valenzuela, Paul Kosmicki (contest winner)
Investigated: Nursery, Attic, Basement
Approx. Time Inside: 1 hour / Personal Experiences: Yes

Paul shared his teams experiences...

"Amy, Cris and I first headed to the upstairs master bedroom and into the nursery. I went into an attic by myself where I heard whistling twice and was confirmed by Amy asking about it when I came out. Next we sat in the nursery while Cris went into the attic. I thought I was seeing a "finger" move on the bed and asked Amy to see if she seen anything. I was sure not to describe what I had seen and she told me she was seeing the same thing I was on the bed. Only thing we found was a blanket that had "fringes," on the bed.

After an EVP session we continued to investigate the basement. Amy, Cris and I all heard voices talking behind us, we measured a 4 degree difference in temp around where we were standing. We heard a voice come from the corner and all felt like we were not alone in that basement. All other team members were outside watching tapes."

Third Investigative Team

Felicia Rodriguez, Jayna Ferris, Tom Nohel
Investigated: Basement, Diningroom, Kids' Bedroom
Approx. Time Inside: 1 hour / Personal Experiences: No

Felicia shared her teams experiences...

Jayna, Tom and I headed to the basement first. Standing and looking around in the darkness, we didn't have anything unusual happen. We did the usual EVP session, took temp. and checked for any signs of EMF, but nothing. We then came up to the main floor and sat at the diningroom table. Again, asking questions and looking around for anything out of the ordinary. We finally headed upstairs, walked into the master bedroom and nursery for a few minutes before heading to the kids' bedroom, where we all sat/layed on the floor. Taking more temp. readings and finishing our last set of questions, everything stayed pretty normal. We didn't experience anything that night.

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