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Residence - The only way we can conduct a normal investigation for a residence is if the home has either an attached garage that we can set up in, or the house is big enough we can properly set up somewhere inside.

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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field
Case # 004 - Private Residence

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Basic Investigation Information

Location: Owosso, Mi - Date: 03/13/2010
Start Time: 10:30 PM - End Time: 3:00 AM

Solar, Lunar, Weather

Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
Solar/Geomagnetic Activity: Active, Quiet
Weather: Cloudy, patches of drizzle - Temperature: Between 39-45°

Investigators at Location

7 investigators present.. Amy Herald, Dan Moiles, Ward Delbridge, Felicia Rodriguez, Jayna Ferris, Tom Nohel, Ron Dankert

Client Claims

Hearing noises, lights turning on, dvds were put in a pile on the floor while everyone was gone, hears walking around at night, people have seen an older man reflection in a mirror and saw someone walk from one room to the other.

About The Residence

The home is 2 stories, with 3 bedrooms, livingroom, kitchen and bath.

Equipment Placement

We set our 4 IR cameras up inside the house, 1 downstairs in the kitchen facing the livingroom.. and 3 upstairs, where the most claims were. 1 facing in the hallway, 1 in the middle bedroom facing out to the stairs, and the 3rd in the back bedroom, also facing out. Plus, we put one of our nightvision video cameras in the small, Michigan basement, where there have been a couple of odd experiences down there, as well.

Setting Up

We got to the clients around 9pm to start setting up. We took EMF and temp. readings, and photographs.


When we started checking EMF readings, the EMF detector was constantly going off. Anywhere you would walk, it would be going off. Since the home is over 100 years old, it may explain it.. but it also meant we couldn't use the EMF meter for what we wanted. And it may factor in when it comes to the claims in the home, as well.

There was also alot of noise from the neighbors, and it was just a busy neighborhood, all together.. cars and whatnot. So, we're worried about how our audio will turn out with how good they work and how easy they pick up sound.

When the second team went in, they went upstairs to the far bedroom and were doing their usual EVP session. They started asking if someone was there, if they could make a sound to let them know. From down the hall, they heard a noise. They asked if it could do it again, and another noise. Several times they asked, and several times they heard the same knocking or banging noise. The one member said he was getting cold chills from it, but both were excited.

After they were done, and the 3rd team went in.. the 3 girls went into the basement to do a small EVP session and ask a few questions. The basement door is around the back, outside of the home.. and is hard to get in and out of. They got down there, had to duck to walk through it, found a place to sit down and was just listening. They asked a couple of questions. About 10 minutes went by, one of them saw a big, black spider crawling on the ground.. another one freaked out and they left. They didn't get any vibes down there anyway! It was creepy in the small basement sense, but not the ghostly sense.

2 of the girls then went into the house and did the last EVP session in the livingroom. Several times, they heard a tapping noise on the other side of the room. Having another member go around the outside and check it out, trying to make the same sound, he tapped on one of the windows and it was a similar noise. But there wasn't anyone or anything outside that would cause that noise, so we don't know what was making it.

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Analysis & Thoughts:

There's a lot of EMF in the home. You could stand in the middle of a room holding it in your hand and our EMF meter would go crazy. You'd walk or move it around, and it won't go off. So, there's a chance, EMF could be a factor to some of the strange things going on. We also had alot of noise from next door, that contaminated our audio.. but the audio we did find may speak for itself.

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