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11/07/23 - Undisclosed Business, MI.
11/18/23 - Residence, Laingsburg, MI.
11/19/23 - Bar/Restaurant, Harrison MI.


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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field
Case # 002 - Business/Factory

Basic Investigation Information

Location: Corunna, Mi - Date: 01/16/2010
Start Time: 10:00 PM - End Time: 3:00 AM

Solar, Lunar, Weather

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent - Solar/Geomagnetic Activity: Normal, Quiet
Weather: Cold, quiet - Temperature: near freezing

Investigators at Location

7 investigators and 1 guest present.. Amy Herald, Dan Moiles, Ward Delbridge, Felicia Rodriguez, Jayna Ferris, Tom Nohel, Ron Dankert

Client Claims

Sightings of multiple apparitions seen by many different workers at the location, shadow figures, unexplained noises (doors closing, footsteps, voices), smells..

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Analysis & Thoughts

The fact that there were a lot of strange noises for the first hour or so, and then just completely stopping after that.. we think it may be linked to the foreman that was there with us. He's worked there for many years and it seemed like right after he left is when everything else "left" or stopped for the rest of the time. It was almost literally like there were people working a shift and then boom, shift was over and everyone left work for the day and the building was closed up and locked by the foreman. It was a really strange thing to experience, being alone in the dark and silence like that. Then, what we heard afterwards...

With so many workers and people claiming they have seen and heard people and things over the years.. it's hard to say they're just imagining things. And that's why we wanted so bad to get our equipment in there and try to capture some evidence of it. Because we don't doubt it and we had some personal experiences ourselves.. now, we just need the proof. And we got it!

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