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11/07/23 - Undisclosed Business, MI.
11/18/23 - Residence, Laingsburg, MI.
11/19/23 - Bar/Restaurant, Harrison MI.


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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field
Case # 001 - Private Residence

Basic Investigation Information

Location: Owosso, Mi - Date: 01/09/2010
Start Time: 10:00 PM - End Time: 1:00 AM

Solar, Lunar, Weather

Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
Solar/Geomagnetic Activity: Normal, Quiet
Weather: Cold, brisk - Temperature: Around 10°

Investigators at Location

6 investigators present: Amy Herald, Dan Moiles, Ward Delbridge, Felicia Rodriguez, Jayna Ferris, Tom Nohel

Client Claims

Figure approached client from kitchen, client kicked at it and it disappeared, then there's the "sense" that her deceased husband is still there with her, objects appearing out of no where..

About The Residence

Basic, small, 2 bedroom apartment.. livingroom, kitchen, and bath.

Equipment Placement

2 night vision video cameras were set up and running the whole time, one spanning the living room to kitchen and the other facing down the hallway at the bedrooms and bath.

We had 3 voice recorders running in 3 different rooms, one in the livingroom and one in each of the 2 bedrooms. We also had 2 EMF detectors and a digital thermometer on us.. along with digital cameras for photos.

Setting Up

We took before photos, set up the cameras and recorders, took EMF and temp. readings.. then started running equipment and shut out the lights. We were all stuck in the apartment because of privacy preferences and the building itself. So one team went at a time, while the others were in the furthest room away, sitting quietly. EVP sessions were performed by 2 teams, in 2 different rooms.. while also giving a silent treatment.


The home itself is extremely quiet, you could hear and identify almost every little sound and so calm and peaceful, you could just lay on the floor and fall asleep. No one on the team had any unusual feelings or personal experiences while there. But the manual lens on one of our video camera's closed on us unexplainably at some point during the night. And when we finished, we noticed one of our audio recorders had been shut off after the first hour, in the bedroom that we didn't investigate in. We also noticed a small wing broken off from something, laying in the middle of the floor in the same room.. that wasn't there before we started.

Click Here for EVP Evidence

Analysis & Thoughts:

We didn't catch anything significant on video, or in any photos.. but once we got to the audio, we were really impressed. Since it was extremely quiet and peaceful in the home, and none of us really experienced anything that night, we were pretty surprised to catch what we did on audio. We did catch more than one voice that night, and one we believe to be the clients husband. We in no way feel that he's stuck there, but think he just came to visit and make himself known. As for the other voice(s), we can't say for sure who it/they is/are, but it's obvious there was some death in the area before.

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