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Website/Team Updates - 2010

12/27/10 - The ALLI Family hopes everyone had or is having a great Holiday, spending it with loved ones, past and present! We haven't posted any updates in a while, sorry about that. We're enjoying our little bit of time off and spending time with our own friends and families. I think I speak for us all when I say we miss investigating, though. And we can't wait to get back into it. We have been getting emails from people asking about investigations and whatnot, so we'll definitely have things to set up as soon as it warms up a bit around here. We haven't gone anywhere, we're still around and we're still here to help so always keep an eye out for updates and new things!

10/15/10 - Things have been crazy lately! We've been extremely busy. We've had 3 investigations, 3 weeks in a row.. and we have 5 more straight weeks in a row to go, at least! Tomorrow, we head up north to Cheboygan to investigate the Cheboygan River Front Range Lighthouse. Thanks to the GLLKA for letting us come and spend the whole night in there, free and clear. Even though there aren't a whole lot of claims there, they're still curious, as are we! Who knows what we might find! After that, we have a couple of reveals to do, and a few more private homes to investigate before we finish for the year. The 30th is also our contest winner's investigation and there's still time to enter. We'll be investigating the old factory with a crazy history. The one we've investigated twice before with great results! Visit our investigations or evidence page to know more and be sure to enter!

09/26/10 - We had an investigation last night, the start of a busy month with investigations every weekend through October. They include 2 private residences, a couple of businesses, a historic Michigan lighthouse up north.. and our 3rd Contest Winners Investigation (still time to enter to join us). We are extremely busy for this time of year. We're also planning a couple of meet-n-greets, where you can come meet us, enter our contest/raffle to join us on an investigation, learn more about us.. and we'll have some of our equipment and evidence set up for you to look at! You can also look at or purchase our Merch, all donations go to the team to help cover costs and let us continue to do what we do. Keep an eye out. Lots going on, and lots to do!

09/09/10 - We are having a Public meeting this Saturday, September 11th, from 2-4pm. We'll be at Kerby Park, a couple of miles east of Owosso/Corunna, M-21 to Kerby Rd. You can come meet us, enter our contest/raffle to join us on an investigation, learn more about us.. and we'll have some of our equipment and evidence set up for you to look at! You can also look at or purchase our Merch, all donations go to the team to help cover costs and let us continue to do what we do. We hope to see you there, rain or shine!

Still more updates coming soon on some big events, so stay tuned!

08/30/10 - Alot has been going on these last few weeks. We brought in and welcomed 2 new members, Jenn Dankert and Rhonda Thomas-Harris. We also have a couple of extras or fill-ins, who may become full members soon. And we're still looking, so if you're interested in becoming part of the team, join the contest so we can see how you do at an investigation! Our next contest investigation is coming in October, and the location will be a good one so join and stay tuned! We have a new facebook page, so add us, we're looking to meet new friends! We have several exciting things coming in the next 2 months, so do keep an eye out for us and our updates.. you won't want to miss this!

08/13/10 - We want to reiterate that we are a 100% free of charge paranormal investigation team that cares about families and/or business owners that may be experiencing strange or unusual things and are here to do nothing but help you get answers and understand what may be happening in your home or place of business. We're here for you and any spirits that may be lingering and need help. We never have and never will charge for services and we put our all into what we do. As believers in the afterlife, we will also never exploit you or any possible spirits for anything more than helping to understand. We're not a haunted house or attraction, we're not around for Halloween.. We're here to help people. Plain and simple. If you want or need answers, don't know where to turn and would like a free investigation done of your home or business, please contact us!

07/24/10 - We have an investigation tonight, in Owosso MI. This home belongs to our amazing researcher, who has an amazing old home! We've investigated here last year while with another team, and are looking forward to going back and doing it again. It is also our contest winner's investigation, where 3 guests get to come along and join us all night, doing what we do. If that sounds interesting to you, the next one will be in October.. so be sure to check out the contest page and join! Our live chatroom will be open tonight, so be sure to also come and say hi.

07/10/10 - Things have slowed down a bit with us lately. Summer is here, members are keeping busy with work, families and whatnot.. but we're still around and ready to help anyone that needs it, at anytime. Our next contest winners investigation is coming up in a couple of weeks. Congrats to the winners! The home we will be investigating is the 100+ year old house of our researchers. We first investigated this house a year ago, while with another team. We caught a couple of interesting things and have been looking forward to going back! It should be a real treat for our winners.

Again, we're still around and have not gone anywhere. We still have exciting things going on or coming up, so keep with us! And if you would like a free investigation done of your home, please contact us!

05/29/10 - We've had to cancel/reschedule a couple of investigations, due to clients having things come up, family emergencies, etc. But that's understandable and completely okay, because we've been keeping busy in other ways. Last weekend, we went out to a nearby cemetery, which is one of our favorites and one we've caught EVPs from before. Had an interesting experience there again, so looking forward to analysis and talking about it here soon. Next weekend, we'll be at the Curwood Festival in Owosso, so keep an eye out for us and come say hi! Also next weekend, we'll be investigating a business in Ovid. And this one sounds extremely interesting, as well. Still lots going on and more to come. And be sure to check out the Become an ALLI contest and enter to join us next month on a real investigation!!

05/13/10 - We've been keeping busy these past several weeks. With investigations, evidence analysis, reveals.. And events. We've put up EVP evidence from 2 previous cases. The one client scheduled us to come back next weekend, May 22nd. And we happily accepted, hoping to be more thorough and look for more answers! But this weekend.. we're also busy. The team will be at Durand's Railroad Days Saturday for the parade. We're unit #63 and will be handing out pamphlets and candy. You'll probably see us afterwards too, so stop by and say hi! Saturday night, we will be investigating a home in Chesaning. There may be some gruesome history there, so we'll see how it goes. 04/24/10 - We are doing an investigation tonight in Corunna, MI. A residence that has a lot of history, and maybe even more than we know.. because it looks to be dealing with some very close ties to another location we've investigated twice now. It's going to be very interesting and exciting to find out what could be here and it may even help us with our other ongoing investigation.

This investigation also includes the winners of our first Investigation Contest. These 3 people will meet with us for our pre-investigation meeting and then go to the location with us where they get to join in, see what we do and investigate themselves. We love the chance to give others an opportunity to see what we have a love for, and also help out. It's a great thing. If you want to get involved and have the chance to join us on an investigation, Click here for more info!

04/13/10 - We have an investigation tonight in Owosso, of a Business that has been investigated some years ago. We're not sure of the outcome of it, but the store has then since changed owners and we're curious to see if there is yet anything there, even though current owners haven't experienced anything.

We have also purchased some new things for the team, including: a baby monitor to hear things in real-time, another voice recorder, a canopy tent to set up either at investigations if we need it or at upcoming outdoor events.. and ALLI also now has its own telephone number that you can reach us on, instead of calling one of the members phones! You'll be able to reach us much easier! We have new shirts that all contest winners get and anyone else can also get by donating at least $20.. pictures of those will be up soon. We have new car magnets and flyers, also, for advertising so be on the look out for us!

03/28/10 - We had another investigation last night in Owosso, marking 3 in a row this month. We have been extremely busy with everything. Doing them 3 weeks in a row, we now have to finish with all of the evidence and start revealing.. luckily, we get a weekend off! And then our next investigation is on a week day, so we should get caught up before then! We also got 2 new investigation requests within 24 hours of eachother, kinda surprising. Those will be set up soon.. along with many others awaiting details. Our first investigation contest is ending soon and the winners will be drawn, so we also have that investigation coming up next month. Busy, busy. We're doing good!

Other news.. we have another order at the print shop right now for new shirts. These will be offered to clients and given to all contest winners. We are also slowly getting our online store around, so go to the Merch page and check out what's already available to buy! We'll have many new things on there in the coming weeks! Check out the Links page for local businesses that are sponsoring us online.. and be sure to look at our other pages, as well.

03/16/10 - We had an investigation this past weekend at a residence in an historic neighborhood of Owosso! It went well and we're going through evidence right now, so we'll post anything we find after the reveal to the residents. This coming weekend, we will be doing a second investigation of the old factory in Corunna that we first investigated in January. We're better equipped this time around and know more now, due to the evidence from the first time, so we're hoping to try to get more answers. We're also still taking entrants for our contest where we'll invite 3 winners to join us on an investigation. We do have the house picked out where we'll be investigating.. so check it out and join now if you're interested. The drawing will take place on April 1st! You still have a couple of weeks to enter.

03/04/10 - Right now, we are looking to be booked pretty solid until May, maybe further, even adding a 3rd investigation in both March and April, when we usually only do 2 a month. We have added dates and info on 2 investigations we just set, and 2 more will be posted as soon as we get word, because details are still unraveling. We're really excited for things to be going so well.

Other news.. We start up investigating again next weekend! And we reveal to clients from Case #003 on Saturday, so evidence from there will be posted shortly thereafter. New things are being posted to the website, also. More stories have been put up from visitors, so go and see that and submit yours. Also check out the Memories page and Bloopers page.

02/25/10 - Today, we revealed to the business/factory that we investigated last month. We had ALOT to go over and finally finished it and took it to the client. He didn't seem shocked that we caught things.. but the things we caught, may be a different story. Evidence is now up here for all to hear so go check it out!

We will be scheduling a second investigation there, in the next month or 2. We also have 2 other businesses to set up dates for.. as well as a couple more homes, still. Lots of things are going on, and we'll let you know more when we get actual word of things happening. Stay tuned..

02/20/10 - We have a meeting this Sunday, to go over updates and everything that goes along with it! We have 2 scheduled investigations for next month, and at least 3 more to set up. Our investigation contest is underway, and we have already had a couple of people enter, so visit that page and enter youself if interested. We will be posting evp evidence from our business investigation from last month on here soon. It's very interesting, to say the least. We also got an offer today, that we have to discuss as a team, and we'll let you all know about that as soon as possible. We added a donators list / thank you page to let everyone know how much we appreciate our donators, that's under "donations". We also added a links page, where we hope to exchange links with other paranormal teams so people can visit them, aswell. Other little things have been added or changed a bit, so just take a look around and remember to always come back.. there's always new things popping up!

02/10/10 - We have an 8-channel DVR on its way this week. We had our 4 IR cameras already, but wanted a better and faster system to run on. Now, with this new DVR, it will allow us to have up to 8 cameras running at one time.. so it keeps us open to purchasing and using 4 extra IR cams, if we need them!

We had an investigation this past Saturday, at a residence in Owosso, MI. That makes our 3rd investigation so far this year. We have several investigations to set up and schedule, but we have decided to hold off on investigating for a few weeks, until it warms up a little bit. We've realized how horrible it is having to sit outside in the cold, late at night, while others are in a home. If we wait until March, the weather should start changing a bit with Spring coming. That'll also allow us to get caught up on evidence and getting things up to date and posted online. With having back to back investigations, 2 weeks in a row and a BIG one at that, we got behind. So, the calendar will be changed to reflect the new available dates. You can still request, and we will still get back to you to set up. We are still here!

01/30/10 - We have finally gotten our first case investigation posted online, as well as the EVP's we caught from that night! Check it out under the investigations or evidence pages and enjoy!

We're also looking to get the forums underway and get more people to join. We have a few people already on there chatting with us, why not join in?

As for our scheduled investigation for last night, we ended up having to cancel and reschedule. One of our members got sick (me!) and our client reveal went on longer than planned. So for now, it is going to be rescheduled.

01/28/10 - You may or may have not have noticed, but we've added a whole second row, sub-content menu to our website! This will include more of the fun stuff to get involved in if you're just visiting and don't need any actual help from us. It includes forums and a live chat to be able to discuss things with us and/or other visitors.. as well as a place to post your own personal experiences or read others' and a chance to be a guest on an investigation with us. As for other team news, our investigation for Saturday, the 30th, has been changed to tomorrow night, the 29th. We are also revealing to a client tomorrow, so EVP's caught from that will be posted this weekend. We have a team meeting on Sunday to discuss new equipment, an investigation request and other news.

01/25/10 - Our 2nd official investigation as ALLI went extremely well and was very interesting and exciting. We are going to reveal to our 1st client this week and then will have the evidence on the site after that. We have 2 more investigations lined up in the next couple of weeks, 1 waiting to be confirmed, and 2 more we will hopefully be setting dates for soon. We also have quite a few leads and many new things coming to the site and team very soon.

01/16/10 - We had a team meeting yesterday, going through all updates and team news. We have another investigation tonight. A huge factory in Corunna that we've been waiting for a long time. The equipment page has been updated, but more is still coming. The investigation info and pics/evidence from last week and this week will be posted very soon. Please keep checking back as we have lots of new investigations and other things coming up in the next few months.

01/08/10 - We have our new IR NightVision Cameras, our shirts and business cards.. all just in time for our first investigation of the new year tomorrow!

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