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These are our upcoming investigations and available dates. Click an open date if you wish to request an investigation from us. We are free of charge!


03/02/19 - Request Investigation Date.
03/09/19 - Request Investigation Date.
03/16/19 - Request Investigation Date.
03/23/19 - Request Investigation Date.
03/30/19 - Request Investigation Date.


04/06/19 - Request Investigation Date.
04/13/19 - Request Investigation Date.
04/20/19 - Request Investigation Date.
04/27/19 - Request Investigation Date.


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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field
Website/Team Updates - 2009

12/06/09 - Website updates. Added some previous evidence and investigation information. Upcoming investigations and a few other pages, aswell.

12/05/09 - Had a team meeting tonight. Talked about upcoming investigations, equipment, and other important things coming up in the following months.

12/01/09 - We have new equipment that is due here this week. IR Night Vision Cameras that we've been waiting for and a Handheld Camcorder. We're doing good. Just waiting for the new year to start investigating.

11/21/09 - ALLI had a nice, big meeting today. Went through everything, got things figured out.. and discussed some upcoming investigations. Website is now also running online, so thanks for visiting!

11/03/09 - We already have a few possible investigations lined up, although we may not schedule them until the new year. But we're off to a good start!

10/30/09 - We split up from SPIRIT and have come up with our new name, have new ideas.. and are getting all of the details worked out with our new team!

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