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05/11/19 - Residence in Bay City, MI.


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Website/Team Updates

09/05/13 - We're going back to the Bonnymill Inn! October 13th and October 20th. Would you like to join us for dinner and a tour? Guests will get to have dinner with us, choosing from several of the Eatery's most popular menu items. Ask us questions, see our equipment, listen while we discuss what we've experienced as a team, not only at Bonnymill, but other places, as well. Tell us your stories too. After dinner, you'll get a tour of the building. See where all of the activity happens. Go into the basement, some of the guest rooms, and other parts of the building you may not otherwise be able to see. Bring cameras to take photos, video cameras or voice recorders to record your own audio or video. Maybe even experience some of the things the employees and guests.. and some of us have experienced too! Tickets are available, get yours now!

01/20/13 - It's a new year, and 2013 is expected to bring us another year of great investigations and amazing experiences. It's January, so we're in our winter off-season until it warms up again. But we're still investigating when and where we can, or if a client has an emergency. We've already conducted one investigation so far this year.. one of our favorite on-going research buildings, which we've waited 2 years to get back into. We've also set up another follow-up investigation of another of our favorite on-going active cases. We have a lot of special plans and events coming up this year. Including, our First-Ever Overnight Guest Investigation at the Historic Bonnymill Inn in Chesaning, MI on February 22nd. This will be our biggest event yet, but with others also coming this year!

09/24/12 - We're approaching our busiest month of the year, October. And even this entire year has been pretty busy in itself. After starting the year early, in late February, to investigate a special and historic Inn in Chesaning.. we've done at least 2 investigations every month since then. We took the month of July off, and after a couple of cancellations, it was a little slow the rest of summer. But, we're pretty much fully booked now through October and hope to get a couple of others in before we go into off-season for winter. We've got a couple of special places and events coming up, also. We're going back to Cheboygan in a month, to spend another night in the Cheboygan River Front Range Lighthouse, that we first investigated in 2010. And soon, we'll have details and info on how you can spend the night and join us on a special investigation of a historic Inn.

05/03/12 - Time sure flies! It seems like just last week that we started our season and posted an update here, and it's already been over 2 months! Looking back at the past 2 months, we've actually done quite alot! We've conducted 8 investigations so far this year, 2 businesses and the rest, private residences. We also brought in a new member last month. We have a lot still going on, several more investigations booked over the next couple of months.. and a few special things we're working on setting up, like public events, etc. Our webshow is also going very strong, we're on our 6th episode. Keep an eye out for more updates, we'll try to keep posted more often. You can also visit us on Facebook, where we update more often!!

02/29/12 - It's been close to 2 months since we've updated here. In that time, we decided to cut our off-season short and go ahead and investigate when possible. We just had our first (and 2nd) investigation of the year, which happens to be a big one that we see good things coming from! We are also booked fully, with investigations, until the end of April right now. We figured if we have a chance to do an investigation and help people, why wait and not just do everything we can now. We're going to be extemely busy for the next 2 months, but we'll manage and get through it. In other news, we also premiered our new webshow, Alli's Paranormal Investigation Files, a few weeks ago. A new webisode airs every other Wednesday! You can see them at the top of the page, under Webshow!

01/05/12 - We hope everyone is enjoying their first week of 2012! We also hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and made it through safe, happy and healthy. We've been keeping busy, but are in our short "off-season" while in the winter months when it's majorly cold outside at night! We won't disappear, though. Even if we might not be investigating right now, we are definitely keeping busy. We're getting caught up on website updates, investigation information and evidence updates and working on some new and exciting things that will be coming up this year! While one project is going slow right now, we hope to be premiering it soon! Don't worry, we haven't gone anywhere. We're here if we're needed!

09/18/11 - Our apologies again for lack of updates. Server/saving issues have ate a couple of attempts at updating things. We've kept pretty busy this summer, having investigations booked 2 a month. An old schoolhouse, several private residences and a restaurant have kept us going. We're now going into overdrive, as Fall is the busiest time of year for us. Starting now, we are booked full through the end of October, with investigations every weekend. We're also going to be doing a public event toward the end of October, so watch out for updates on that! It's going to be a good time and a great way to meet new people and show them what we do...

05/21/11 - It's been a while since we've posted any updates, our apologies. But we haven't disappeared, and are still around! After a long and cold winter season here in Michigan, and a long break from investigating.. we're back and ready to start up again. We have one scheduled investigation so far, along with several others waiting for dates. We're also in the process of bringing in several new members, perfect timing, as we should be busy for the next few months. Will keep posted, so keep an eye out!

In website news: many pages have been updated, more on the way. And a few stories have been added to the Stories/Experiences section, so check that out!

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