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These are our upcoming investigations and available dates. Click an open date if you wish to request an investigation from us. We typically investigate on Saturday nights, but can discuss other days, as well. We are free of charge!

Unfortunately, in Michigan, we get some crazy weather. The winter months can be unpredictable, but it's usually very cold and very snowy. We would love to be able to investigate all year long. However, our investigations usually require us to sit outside with our equipment and team members. With the cold and snow, that is unsafe for both us and our equipment. We are willing to investigate, especially for emergencies, with some conditions..

Residence - The only way we can conduct a normal investigation for a residence is if the home has either an attached garage that we can set up in, or the house is big enough we can properly set up somewhere inside.

Business - For a business, again, as long as we have somewhere out of the elements to set up, we can investigate. An office, breakroom.. somewhere far enough from the active areas that we won't interfere with the investigation.

For emergencies, please just contact us and we'll figure something out.

Thanks for understanding!


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Tammy Francis

Full-Time: Paranormal Investigator
Sub-Position: Setup, Analyst
Specialties: Personal Communication
Evidence: Audio Anaylst
Location: Owosso, Michigan
Birthdate: August 31st, 1963


Ever since I was a child I have been sensitive to many things. My best friends family was like a second family to me, her and most of her siblings passed away one by one as we were growing up. Way to young. We always believed their spirits never left the family home, so many unexplained things happened. I just knew that death was not the end, our spirits survive.

I have even had pets that were like children to me, that would not leave my side when they passed on until I asked them to go and told them I would be okay.

My Grandparents were like parents to me, they raised me. When my grandmother passed away, I would feel her presence, smell her and hear her. Never said a word to my Grandfather about it, I did not want to hurt him and thought he would never believe me. A few years before he passed he told me that he hears Grandma call his name, he feels her, smells her. My jaw dropped and we began to compare stories. It felt wonderful to finally talk to him about it. I now own my Grandparents home and sometimes they are here with me. I miss them so.

I really hope that I can help people and families understand why our spirits live on, and maybe, just maybe, I can help convey a message of love or ease a childs fears.

To my Grandparents Wendall and Jean Spencer, with all my heart and love, this ones for you.

Tammy Francis