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These are our upcoming investigations and available dates. Click an open date if you wish to request an investigation from us. We typically investigate on Saturday nights, but can discuss other days, as well. We are free of charge!

Unfortunately, in Michigan, we get some crazy weather. The winter months can be unpredictable, but it's usually very cold and very snowy. We would love to be able to investigate all year long. However, our investigations usually require us to sit outside with our equipment and team members. With the cold and snow, that is unsafe for both us and our equipment. We are willing to investigate, especially for emergencies, with some conditions..

Residence - The only way we can conduct a normal investigation for a residence is if the home has either an attached garage that we can set up in, or the house is big enough we can properly set up somewhere inside.

Business - For a business, again, as long as we have somewhere out of the elements to set up, we can investigate. An office, breakroom.. somewhere far enough from the active areas that we won't interfere with the investigation.

For emergencies, please just contact us and we'll figure something out.

Thanks for understanding!


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The ALLI Members

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Martin Garcia

Full-Time: Paranormal Investigator
Sub-Position: Setup, Videographer
Specialties: Physical Communication
Evidence: Audio/Video Analyst
Location: Saginaw, Michigan
Birthdate: May 15th, 1974


Iíve been around the paranormal for my entire life. I was raised by my Grandmother who was a spiritualist. She would work at local Psychic fairs doing what is called "spirit writing". She often used her skills to help people who needed direction in life. She also took me on my first "ghost hunt" when I was 12.

My interest in the Paranormal continues to this day. I do what I can to help people who arenít as comfortable or able to deal with the unexplained. My desire to help comes directly from my Grandmother who used her gifts to do what she could for others.

I consider myself to be a skeptical believer, I try not to go in believing that a home or business is haunted. I go in looking to see it the history, and conditions are right for a haunting. I try to balance the spiritual with the scientific. I like to apply logic to our evidence, "Why would the spirit say this?" or "Is what itís saying relevant to the history here?" If 2+2 doesnít = 4 , I will have doubts. But I do leave room for interpretation.

I honestly feel that I was born to do this. And the other skills that I have learn in life are proving to be very helpful on the investigations so far. Iím proud to be an ALLI.