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These are our upcoming investigations and available dates. Click an open date if you wish to request an investigation from us. We typically investigate on Saturday nights, but can discuss other days, as well. We are free of charge!

Unfortunately, in Michigan, we get some crazy weather. The winter months can be unpredictable, but it's usually very cold and very snowy. We would love to be able to investigate all year long. However, our investigations usually require us to sit outside with our equipment and team members. With the cold and snow, that is unsafe for both us and our equipment. We are willing to investigate, especially for emergencies, with some conditions..

Residence - The only way we can conduct a normal investigation for a residence is if the home has either an attached garage that we can set up in, or the house is big enough we can properly set up somewhere inside.

Business - For a business, again, as long as we have somewhere out of the elements to set up, we can investigate. An office, breakroom.. somewhere far enough from the active areas that we won't interfere with the investigation.

For emergencies, please just contact us and we'll figure something out.

Thanks for understanding!


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The ALLI Members

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Don Rich

Full-Time: Paranormal Investigator
Sub-Position: Technical Setup
Specialties: Physical Communication
Evidence: Where Needed
Location: Sears, Michigan
Birthdate: December 27th, 1970


Michelle (wife) and I have been curious of the paranormal for about 23 years. Our attraction began while we were stationed in Germany and living off post in military housing.

One night while our daughter slept in her crib, an earthquake aftershock had shook our apartment pretty fiercely. Michelle jumped up from our bed and ran to get our baby. On her way back to our room we both heard in the baby monitor, “Goodbye Lindsay”. Although we were both a bit startled we began to wonder how this could happen.

Many years later and with lots of unexplained occurrences, it was through a friend, that we were able to get in touch with Alli Paranormal to help us finally get an idea as to why these things were happening.

We were very fortunate to have Alli investigate our home. It gave us an insight to paranormal investigation world and they were even nice enough to allow us armatures to tag along on some investigations.

We have really learned a lot since our first investigation and we continue to learn and gain experience with everyone. We can proudly say thanks for allowing us to become members of Alli Paranormal. This is something we both hold close to our heart.

Don & Michelle Rich