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Myspace Friend from Vassar, Mi
Travis Tausch says...

I didn't believe the stories I heard about Millington Hills, so me and my neighbor went out there. Story states there was a fire in the late 1800's and only one house still remains in Millington from Sheridan to North Lake Rd. The house and woods around it are haunted. I will never go back.

I was walking down the trail to the house and I saw a light like a candle pacing from window to window in the upstairs, so I shined my flashlight to see and the beam inside stopped. Maybe 10 feet away there was a figure like I've never seen. Black and tall with yellowish beady eyes and I kinda froze. I could move at first, I was freaked out, then all of a sudden I ran and it felt like we were being followed.

We stopped and we heard foot steps. We ran to my truck as fast as we could and when I went to pull out the figure was standing right in front of my truck on the trail.

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