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Visitor from Mason, Mi
T. Parks says...

It was the day after my 16th birthday party, myself and a group of friends took the ouija board to my friends house. The house is well over 100 years old and we have heard all sorts of things when we are there. On this particular day, we were able to comunicate with the spirits of the house.

We saw a chair spin all by itself and there was an imprint in the chair as if someone was sitting in it. As we were sitting in a circle, one by one, we each had some of our hair raise up by itself, and a few of us even received a hug from one of the spirits.

The most amazing part of it all was when we asked if they could help my friend play the piano, they responded yes. So she sat at the piano and she started playing the most beautiful and eerie music I have heard. Now, growing up with her, I know that she could barely play "take me out to the ball game". She told us later that she could feel a pressure where she needed to push the keys down and she just kind of knew where to move her hands. That was one of the most amazing things that I have experienced.

It is a shame that the house was a part of a practice burn and is no longer around.

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