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Myspace Friend from Bath, MI
Tami McAdams says...

"When I was a kid growing up in Stockbridge Mich., I was always uneasy about the old farm house and never knew why. My sisters would say it was haunted but I didn't believe them at first, 'til one night my sister came home late from work and she saw a man with a civil war uniform float right by her. She could smell cigar smoke in the air. I didn't see it but she did. There would be noises at night which always bothered me as a kid. Could hardly sleep upstairs at night because of the noises. My sisters say it still is haunted. Someone else owns it now. Before my mother passed on, I told her I didn't want nothing to do with the old house. Too many memories of not being able to sleep at night. It had an old attic and a dirt floor in the basement. Plus a potato celler. Creepy. The house is on Catholic Ch. Rd in Stockbridge. My name back then was Weitlauf."

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