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Myspace Friend from Corunna, Mi
Stephanie Bundy says...

My friends live in an apartment in Owosso. The 1st time I went there, it was just a few girls and we were upstairs setting up a dresser. I sat on the bed and after about 5 minutes I felt something touch my back and I jumped up and 2 of my friends asked me what I was doing, and I told them and they didn't believe me.

Then we all went downstairs and I kept looking around and they asked me again what I was doing and I told them I had a weird feeling and it felt like someone else was in there with us. And one of my friends even said when they moved in there it looked haunted. One of my friends' dad, RIGHT when he walked in there, he said the same thing. And every time I go in there I always think we're being watched and I always have a feeling that something is going to happen, but I don't know what or when. But when it does it'll be bad.

Then my husband came home and told me that ALLI was going there because the people who live upstairs always hear people walking up and down the stairs and everything. And I just thought it was cool ALLI was going there, after I told people it didn't feel right being in there. I don't know if anything bad is there or if it's good. I just know something/someone is there and they are trying to contact us.

Sometimes I can hear my husbands name being called out by some lady, as well. Or 2 people talking. But I always think I'm just hearing things because I'm tired. And it's happened to me since I was little.

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