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Myspace Friend from Portland, MI
Rachel Kowalski says...

"I have known about "ghosts" my whole life. When I was six, we lived in an apartment that was haunted. Our pots and pans would rattle every night for no reason whatsoever. One night I woke up to a "green" figure of a man standing by my bed staring at me. I don't remember the face but I started crying and as soon as my mom came to get me it disappeared. Years later my mom told me she would often times see that same "green" man walking through the apartment. My sister told me that one night she woke up and heard laughing outside so she went to look out the window, and there were a group of "white' ghosts laughing and talking. All of a sudden they turned to look at her and one of them pointed at her, so she ran back to bed.

Years later we moved into a rental house. One day I was going in and out of the house and I said out loud, "man, it's hot in here!". Everyone else had been outside the whole time. The second time I went into my house the fan had been turned on, which was a little freaky, if you ask me. There was no sighting but I know for a fact I didn't turn that fan on, and everyone else had been outside. In another rental house we lived in, I had been staying up late watching tv, while everyone else was asleep. I saw a black shadow of a man in the hallway walk from one room to the other. I was so freaked out at the time that I covered my head and tried to go to sleep. I know for a fact it wasn't my dad, it wasn't a figure, it was the shape.

I haven't had any sightings since then. My husband told me that when he was a little boy, he also saw a "green" woman figure standing by his bed who had red eyes, and when he screamed his grandma came to get him and she disappeared. I thought that was kinda crazy seeing how the same thing happened to me.

I do believe in God. I still know there are demons out there, mostly they try to attack people through the mind though. I recently had a bad case of fear unlike any other time in my life. I was so afraid to go to bed without the lights on. It was almost uncontrolable. Finally, I came against that spirit of fear in Jesus name (I had to do it a couple times) and it left. And when it did I had the most wonderful peace I've had in a long time.. maybe ever! I do believe people might be shocked if they realized there is a whole other world out there that we can't see. I wish I could remember all the stories my mom has told me about the times shes prayed for help and knew she saw an angel. I too have felt the very presence of the holy spirit. Most people will brush this off, and say I'm crazy but I felt him touching me. And he can fill you with such amazing energy and joy where all you can do is laugh. But I guess that might be on a whole different side for you guys. But it's just like the ghosts, once you've seen them and you know without a doubt what you've seen or felt, it's kinda hard to deny it. Best wishes."

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