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Myspace Friend from Grand Blanc, MI
Paul Kosmicki says...

"I have had alot of "paranormal" things happen. I was waking up first thing in the morning and my TV was off, which is ALWAYS on. As my feet hit the floor, it turned on. I was kinda freaked out but I asked "if someone was here, turn the TV back on." It did. My brother has heard a voice say "hi." I had someone witness a light unplug itself from the socket. He went to put the light back in and he said that there was no way it fell out or wiggled out. I was searchin for my keys all over the house when I yelled out in frustration "where are my damn keys," just then I heard what sounded like keys fallin to the carpet. Go upstairs to a bedroom and there were my keys in the middle of a floor. There was no way they could have fell off anything. I had my basement door open, heard someone walk up the stairs, the door shut and latch. 20 seconds later, I heard my brother, who I heard just came up from the basement, come downstairs from an upstairs bedroom. I was awoke one night by my dog barking, which never happens unless someone is at the door. She was angry and snarling. I got up, she ran into the other bedroom where I followed and found her barking and pacing INTENTLY at the corner of a wall. I seen nothing, turned around to turn on the light and she like "snapped out" of a trance, was normal, turned and went back to the bed to sleep."

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