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Visitor from Saginaw, Mi
Linda Z. says...

My brother-in-law died at age 41 from lung cancer. Everybody loved him so much as he was such a fun and easy going guy. Last summer when I was up at my sister's in Onaway, Mi we were on her computer, and I was showing her how to set up her Facebook account. She asked me what the "poke' button was, and I told her it was when you wanted to "poke" someone to say "hello". we went off to bed not long after that and I read a book for about an hour. Getting tired, I put the book down and turned off the light. I had no sooner lie there for 5 minutes and something "poked" (jabbed) me hard on the back of my shoulder blade, to the extent that I literally sat up in bed and said "what the hell?" When I saw no one there, I realized it was my brother-in-law, and just said "Oh, Hi Scott, how you doing?" I lay there for awhile kind of freaked out, but eventually fell asleep. He has also pulled open the shower curtain on my sister-in-law, and messes with the knobs on my sister's washer quite frequently. He is a prankster in death as he was in life.....

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