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Myspace Friend from Sherman Oaks, CA
Leah Williams says...

"In 1998, I was sitting up in my bed, just staring out the window at night (black IS beautiful) haha, and all of a sudden I heard this very very slow, vibratory androgynous voice saying to me (from across the left side of my bedroom), "I'M WONDERING IF YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER IN YOUR RIGHT BREAST?!!!". I turned my head to the left to see what or who said that to me but there was nothing there. It made me very curious so I went to the doctor and found out that yes, indeed, I do have breast cancer in my right breast.

This voice was an EVP-sounding voice but I had no EVP equipment and at that time, I didn't even know about EVP's or anything auditory that could pick up the paranormal. I wondered for years why that voice sounded so freakin' weird and now I have the answer!!! It was an EVP voice without the EVP monitor!!!!

Since then, the cancer has turned stage 4, in my bones, but I am dealing with it and still enjoying my life. I can guarantee you that this voice I heard was NOT mine and had absolutely nothing to do with ME. This experience is the most important paranormal experience I have ever had. It saved my life!!!!

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