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Myspace Friend from Saginaw, Mi
Diana says...

I lost a brother a bit more than a year ago. The odd thing that I remember is the last time I spoke to him we had a thunderstorm here in Michigan, so I wanted to get off the phone because I hear phone and thunder don't mix. So as we spoke, a big thunder sounded and shook the house. It felt like a slight earthquake. I had a scared feeling, who likes thunderstorms?

The following day, actually at night when I was driving to the house from college, I was driving the highway and as I drove I saw the moon in front. It seemed about an inch above the highway as I drove that same direction. The moon seemed about less than an eighth of a moon and had a red cast of color. That night as I was about to sleep is when I heard the death of my brother. It was a sad moment, I tried to hold my tears back and they just rolled.

I kept thinking of him so I wrote our conversations so that way afterwards I can focus on my daily life. For some reason or another my family gave me the shorts he died in and the blanket that he was using.

My dad also died maybe 23 years ago. They say that this one chair in which he was killed in rocks by itself and they have seen a smoke of some sort on the chair. The chair was put outside for the trashman to pick up and a friend of the house took it home.

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