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Visitor from Hemlock, Mi
Denise says...

My 2 yr. old Grandson passed away quite suddenly, at home, after suffering a traumatic birth injury. He passed early in the morning~ and about the same time that he passed I had a dream that he was running and playing around me while I sat on the floor holding another baby. He was saying to me, look at me Grandma! Look at me run! Look at me Grandma! I can play! Throughout his short life, my Grandson was never able to even sit up on his own, let alone walk, run or play! But, he was always happy and loved watching the Little Einsteins. I believe those were his parting words to me. To let me know that he was finally free of the body that just wouldn't cooperate with the child that was stuck in it. About 6 months later, as I sat at my computer, a small figure appeared outside the window right next to me. All that was visible was the upper torso and head. The face wasn't clearly visible but I knew immediately that it was him. As soon as I recognized him he was gone. It scared me and at the same time I felt elated that he was able to make himself known to me. I've also seen my Father walk across my front lawn as he did when he was alive. He lived right next door to me and would frequently walk over in the afternoon to visit. It is almost always at that same time of day that I will see or feel him there.

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