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Myspace Friend from Bay City, Mi
Chance Stodolak says...

My gorgeous wife, Ky and I went to Cripple Creek, Colorado. It is a small, OLD mining town way way way high, far and deep into the mountains. The drive there from Colorado Springs at night is spectacular and even more so during the day. For a dude from Michigan (especially the tri-city area), that snowy, dangerous, absolutely astoundingly, treacherous but awesome, highly elevated and somewhat chemically enhanced drive, was........ for lack of a better word, Amazing.

But what would ensue when I arrived to Cripple Creek was even more amazing. Let me say this first... I am an extremely intuitive person. I am sensitive in the spiritual realm. I pick up on these things very deeply and this, quite frankly, scared the f*** out of me. I can't f*** with ghosts, seances, or hallucinogenic drugs (anymore). So after calling every hotel in town about five or six, Ky calls The Imperial Hotel & Casino. Luck! Vacant and only fifty bucks. I think to myself "What's the catch?".

We go to this place after a couple hours of gambling. Oh, yeah, this whole town is a bunch of casinos, I loved this place. We get there. It's OLD, CREEPY, and the staff: SCARY. It is 113 years old. We stay in room forty seven. I tell my wife I got a bad feeling about the place as soon as we walked in. Then smile, kiss and snap a picture. In it is a white smoke spirit ghost emanating from the closet. I take another picture in amazement and sure enough every pic of the closet is this spirit.

Go there, look it up. It's true. The place is creepy and definitely haunted. It was cool and scary and I didn't sleep a wink that night.

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