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Myspace Friend from Saginaw, MI
A.W. says...

"I've experienced shadow people when I was younger (those scared the crap out of me cause they seemed pretty intelligent by stopping what they were doing and looking at me when I saw them), a full body apparition, and I can still describe him to a t today, the smell of cherry scented pipe tobacco when no one smoked pipes, cigarettes, cigars or nothing. I've heard bells jingling one year and searched the WHOLE house and couldn't find where the sound was coming from, all the while I could still hear them.. and those all happened in the house my family lived in before moving into the one we're in now.

A blue ball of light that my mom and I BOTH saw at the same time, felt someone lay their hand on mine (and I was A) the only one in my bedroom and B) covered up with only my head uncovered). Saw a cocker spaniel by the foot of my bed and my family don't even own a dog. There was the time I knew that the 1 house next door was going to burn, 4 days later it did thanks to the 4 year old that lived there. There was the time when I knew someone was going to get hurt, cause one night I had a sharp and sudden pain in my right hip that went half way to my knee, went away just as quick as it had come, only for the same thing to happen the next day. Then the following day I heard sirens only to find out that it was an ambulance going to an accident right near my house and the woman involved in the accident limped to the ambulance like she'd hurt her left hip half way to the knee or some part of her left leg. And these happened in the house my family lives in now. There's alot more that I can't even think of that has happend to me from the time I was really little up to today."

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