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Visitor from Owosso, Mi
April says...

My mother had always believed in ghosts and thought many times her mother had visited her in times of conflict. So I grew up believing ghost were all round us and really meant us no harm. So when she passed I asked her to please help me with my loss and to be with me in some way. 3 days after the funeral, feeling lost and lonely and sorry for myself I was alone in the big house that we all moved into together so I could care for her. My husband was at work and so was my daughter and I herd the tinkle of one of my mothers collected bells. Furious, I ran down the stairs to reprimand whom ever touched my mothers stuff and when I got to the collection of bells on the buffet in the dinning room I looked down to see not a one was touched or moved. It had been days since I felt like housework and you could see not a bell had been moved. The thin layer of dust was not disturbed and the bells remained in their exact spot. I believe that was my mothers way of telling me to get up and get on with life, I had to be there for my family as she had been for me.


I was 13 years old and my father was very sick and in the hospital, so my mother and I were either at the hospital or at home so we could answer the phone. After a 2 day stay in the hospital I convinced my mother to finally go home and get some rest. We arrived home and put the phone on my mothers head board of the bed so if the hospital called she could grab the phone with out getting out of bed. And her and I went to our bedrooms and feel into a much needed sleep. The next thing I know I am standing at the head board with my hand on the phone, my mother looked up and manage to get out "April, what are you doing, go back to bed, the phone ....." THEN the phone rang (for the 1st time) it was the hospital calling to inform us of my fathers passing. I was up out of a sound sleep with my hand on the phone before it rang!!!! After the funeral my mother told me she believed in ghost and I asked her if the phone had rang before I had gotten into the room and she said "No, you woke me by running in and standing there." Its always made me wonder.

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