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Stories / Experiences

We decided we wanted to do more here online than just post about us and our experiences as paranormal investigators, we wanted to share the stories and experiences of everyday people and visitors, as well. Anyone and everyone can have a personal experience with the unknown, so here are some of their stories. If you'd like to share a story with us and your fellow visitors, please don't be afraid and contact us. You can share as little or as much as you want. We'd all love to hear from you, any which way.

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Submitted Stories

"He was saying to me, look at me Grandma! Look at me run!" - Denise (Full Story)

"I literally sat up in bed and said "what the hell?"" - Linda Z. (Full Story)

"I would hear her yowl... ooooh! a woeful sound.." - Pamela H. (Full Story)

"My mother had always believed in ghosts and thought.." - April (Full Story)

"Flew out straight to the middle of the room and fell.." - Susan M. (Full Story)

"I got up and at 11:04am I heard the banging again.." - Chris S. (Full Story)

"After about 5 minutes I felt something touch.." - Stephanie B. (Full Story)

"Rocks by itself and they have seen a smoke of.." - Diana (Full Story)

"A light like a candle pacing from window to.." - Travis T. (Full Story)

"After that my sister nor I would go down.." - Ashleigh T. (Full Story)

"Once I had dishes come out of the cupboard at me.." - Annie (Full Story)

"A few of us even received a hug from one of the.." - T. Parks (Full Story)

"I tried to shake this feeling of doom but it just.." - Kirby J. (Full Story)

"I kissed this woman good night each night and.." - Sally M. (Full Story)

"That snowy, dangerous, absolutely astoundingly.." Chance S. (Full Story)

"Something standing over me while I would sleep.." - James L. (Full Story)

"Very very slow, vibratory androgynous voice saying.." - Leah W. (Full Story)

"Saw a cocker spaniel by the foot of my bed and my.." - A.W. (Full Story)

"Someone walk up the stairs, the door shut and latch.." - Paul K. (Full Story)

"Our pots and pans would rattle every night for no.." - Rachel K. (Full Story)

"Saw a man with a civil war uniform float right by.." - Tami M. (Full Story)

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