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In Memory...

We're here to try to prove that spirits exist and that there is life after death. We're here to help people who may have troubles and try to answer any questions they may have. We're not here for the scare factor or to find cartoon ghosts. We're here trying to connect with people and talk to past loved ones or friends.. Or someone that may be stuck in a home or other place and can't get out. We're dealing with people, all the way around, living or passed on.

Here, we want to show how much we care and respect those loved ones or friends who have passed on. This page is going to be in memory of those we've lost. Below, you'll find links where you can submit a name and photo, of someone that you'd like to honor in memory, along with a message. We'll post it on here for you and them, for all to see and think about. It's our way, and your way, of showing love and never forgetting.

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Joseph Samuel Settler - "Grandson"
Born 2011 - Died 2011

"My dearest sweet grandson, I miss you so much, and there isn't nothing I wouldn't do to have you here with us, even tho I feel your presence with me everyday. I love and miss you so much."

Submitted by Grandmother, Joann Settler


Sonja Mae Castellenas - "Sonny"
Born 1945 - Died 2004

"I know you're still with us , I miss you so much.. can't believe its been 6yrs already.. Momo, "If my tears could build a stairway to heaven, I would have already climbed them and brought you back home to us" Love you Momo xoxo"

Submitted by Daughter, Holly Strasberger


Richie Porada - "Papi"
Born 1952 - Died 2011

"How do I go on? I love you and miss you so much. I just want to be normal again. I know the pain is go and pray you're here with me. Will always miss you. Your loving wife, Mimi."

Submitted by Wife, Linda Porada


Jerry Salow - "Dad"
Born ???? - Died 2011

"I love you dad! I will miss you and I know that you are looking down on me and the rest of the family. Thank you for getting that raccoon when I was only about 9 years old and you came home on the Combine and you had the raccoon on the end of the stick. I still love our dog Jack at the time even when he killed and ate Bandit the racoon. I will see you, My Great Aunt Stella, Grandpa Potter, Great Grandma Leisman, Great Grandma Potter and everyone else that was dear and close to me in Heaven someday when God takes me home :)"

Submitted by Foster Daughter, Laura Timmons


Geneva Julia Signs - "Neve"
Born 1890 - Died 1954

"I was never able to meet you, but I feel like I have known you from the loving words of your wonderful daughter and my loving grandmother Gwendolyn Merle (Signs) Bush. It broke Gwennie's heart when you passed and she never really got over you. Gwen loved you so dearly that she couldn't bear the thought of being separated from you for only one year to get a high school diploma and so she never did - and happily. Gwennie cried as she told me stories about you and your husband Raymond year after year. You and Ray worked so very hard and humbly through the years, enduring hardships most now would not imagine, such as filling a shoe box with sand so it would really feel like something big and important, wrapping it up, but warning your oldest daughter Blanche not to open it up at her graduation because you were too poor to buy her something. There were times you two had to salt down pork fat and bring it out in the hard and cold winter months and fry it in a pan. Again Gwen would tell me stories with rivers of tears because she wanted more for the wonderful people you were. You did get to know some rest and luxuries like a good radio, and briefly, a television and some free time. I am very grateful that your wonderful children, all four of them, were able to see this, even if it was briefly, before you moved along on life's journey. The stories have always moved me, and though we never met, I feel very much that I really know you. With much love and dreams to have had the privilege to know you, your great-grandson, Ronald Clare Dankert Jr. P.S. I did finally get to hear great-grandad sing on the home made record you all did waaaay back a couple years ago when I finally acquired a working 78 RPM turntable. Thanks for that gem!"

Submitted by Great-grandson, Ron Dankert Jr.


Otis Moiles - "Dad"
Born 1913 - Died 2007

"We think about you all the time, and miss hearing your voice. I know now why you gave the same advice over and over again... it was so I'd hear it over and over again even after you were no longer there. Thanks for helping me become the man I am today."

Submitted by Son, Dan Moiles


Patricia Perkins - "Pat"
Born 1941 - Died 1999

"It has been 11 years and the pain of your loss is still with us. We love you and miss you so much. Keep showing yourself in my dreams so I know you are still there and with us."

Submitted by Daughter, Shelly Rodriguez


Reynaldo Rodriguez - "Grandpa"
Born 1917 - Died 2009

"You're the kindest person I've ever known. You would always do anything and everything you could for your family and anyone else who needed it. Your family is who they are today because of you. I'm still not sure it's really hit me that you're gone, but you'll never be forgotten."

Submitted by Grand-daughter, Felicia Rodriguez


Otis Moiles - "Grampa"
Born 1913 - Died 2007

"I think about you everyday and hope you are proud of me. I can't wait to see you again!"

Submitted by Grand-daughter, Amy Herald