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ALLI Paranormal is Going Back to..

The Bonnymill Inn & Eatery

Join Us For Dinner and A Tour

Sunday, December 9th

From 6 PM - 12 AM | Tickets: $30 /person


For years, rumors have spread about the Historic Bonnymill Inn & Eatery, located in downtown Chesaning, being haunted.

Over a century old, this historic building was originally a grain elevator, and was converted into an Inn in the 1980's.

Many people -- several employees, and even guests -- have reported stories of seeing, hearing or feeling things while inside or around the building.

We got our first chance to do an investigation of this beautiful Inn, in February of 2012. We conducted a 2-night investigation. After having experiences of our own on both nights of our investigation, and after gathering the amount of evidence that we have, the Bonnymill Inn quickly became one of our favorites.

A year after our first investigation of the building, in February of 2013, the owners closed down the building for us for one night and let us fill the hotel with our own guests! The overnight event sold out, and it was a night we'll never forget.

We hope to do another Overnight Guest Event early next year, but we don't want to wait that long to go back! So, after talking with the owners, we decided to host two nights of Dinner and a Tour!

Guests will get to have dinner with us, choosing from several of the Eatery's most popular menu items (listed below). Ask us questions, see our equipment, listen while we discuss what we've experienced as a team, not only at the Inn, but other places, as well. Tell us your stories too.

After dinner, you'll be split into smaller groups and will get to tour the building with members of our team. See where all of the activity happens. Go into the basement, some of the guest rooms, and other parts of the building you may not otherwise be able to see.

Bring cameras to take photos, video cameras or voice recorders to record your own audio or video. Maybe even experience some of the things the employees and guests.. and some of us have experienced too!

We'll have voice recorders with us, and may stop in certain areas to do little EVP sessions! We may even let you wander parts of the lobby and dining area yourself after the tour to see if you can catch any evidence!

Tickets are $30 per person and includes your choice of one of the following dinner options, followed by a tour of the building.



  1. Taco Salad - Served in fresh tortilla bowl with seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, black olives, cheddar cheese and fresh pico digio. Includes a drink of your choice.. coffee, soft drink, iced tea or hot tea.

  2. Chicken Brushcheta - Grilled marinated chicken breast topped with provolone cheese and fresh bruschetta, finished with balsamic rum glaze, and served with garlic red skins, side salad, seasonal vegetable and roll. Includes a drink of your choice.. coffee, soft drink, iced tea or hot tea.

  3. BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich - Served with grilled onions on a hoagie roll with french fries and a side salad. Includes a drink of your choice.. coffee, soft drink, iced tea or hot tea.

  4. 1/2 lb Hamburger Steak - Served with garlic mashed potato's, both covered in beef gravy, vegetables, side salad and roll. Includes a drink of your choice.. coffee, soft drink, iced tea or hot tea.

  5. 2 Pc. Beer Battered Cod - Served with french fries, cole slaw and roll. Includes a drink of your choice.. coffee, soft drink, iced tea or hot tea.

We hope to see you, it'll be a good time!!

Disclaimer / Notes: We accept credit cards or eCheck via the links below. If you'd like to pay via mail, please contact us first. NO exchanges or refunds. NO alcohol or drugs allowed. We reserve the right to ask you to leave if you cause interference for any of the other guests. Over 18 only, unless you're accompanied by an adult. All ticket holders will be asked to sign a liability waiver before the tour starts. The tour includes climbing several sets of stairs, and going into areas that may be a little dangerous. Please don't contact the Bonnymill directly for tickets. Tickets are sold here. You can reach us by phone at 989-996-5455 or by e-mail:


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