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These are our upcoming investigations and available dates. Click an open date if you wish to request an investigation from us. We typically investigate on Saturday nights, but can discuss other days, as well. We are free of charge!


Our team has had some personal and family issues arise this year, and made the decision to take a break from investigating for a while. Things have recently started to slow down, however, so we're open to scheduling and getting back into the swing of helping people. Feel free to contact us!


11/07/23 - Undisclosed Business, MI.
11/18/23 - Residence, Laingsburg, MI.
11/19/23 - Bar/Restaurant, Harrison MI.


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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field
Case # 044 - Audio & Photographic Evidence

These clips can be played without headphones, but they are recommended for best quality listening. We'll say what we think we hear, but you may hear something different than us, so judge for youself. And remember, we never say anything is 100% "for sure" paranormal. We just post things that are out of place, unexpected and don't fit. These clips are pulled from hours and hours of continued quiet. But, everything is left to interpretation.

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While team 2 is in the living room, they hear some knocking noises. Here, a member asks "Can you make it pop twice?", and almost immediately after, we get a female or child voice saying something we can't quite make out..

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When team 3 is in the living room, the homeowner starts talking to her grandmother about her furniture in the home. She mentions one piece that isn't going anywhere. About 20 seconds later, we catch this female voice that sounds like it's saying "Thank you".. whether it's her grandmother isn't certain, but someone is polite about something. Note: it's very light, and can be heard right before one of the members yawns and a clock ticks..

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After team 3 does their EVP session, they decide to leave their hand-held recorder on in the doll/play room and step outside to talk with the rest of the team. In this clip, you'll hear the team talking outside.. on the inside, you'll hear what sounds like a female or child humming.. You can tell we're outside and further away, this voice is inside, and we were definitely NOT humming like that!

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Near the end of the night, while no one is in the house, we catch this male voice in the basement. The homeowners think it might say "John".

Scratches from Basement

When team 1 is in the back part of the basement, finishing their EVP session and are getting ready to walk upstairs.. one of our members starts feeling a burning sensation on her shoulder/back. After looking at it and seeing that it was red and very warm, we told her to take a picture of it in the morning to see if any marks appeared. This was the result, about 12 hours later. The scratches lasted for about a week, before finally fading away/healing.

Note: She wasn't able to do this to herself, as she's a nail biter and doesn't have nails! She was also wearing her ALLI shirt and a sweater over it, so it didn't happen from a foreign object in the basement.

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