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Case # 014 - The Investigation

Investigation information for Business / Factory in Corunna, MI on October 30th, 2010.

About The Location

This is our 3rd time investigating this factory. It's become a regular and favorite for us, as it's very active and we're never let down or disappointed. It's had multiple fires over the years, and the building itself has burnt down twice. There's been a death in the factory, as a result of one of the fires, as well. There's much history here.

Equipment Placement

We had 4 cameras recording.. IR cam 1: upstairs, covering the west side, IR cam 2: upstairs, covering the east side, IR cam 3: downstairs, covering the west side, IR cam 4: downstairs, covering the east side.

We had 4 voice recorders, one by each IR Camera. We also had 2 EMF meters, a digital thermometer, and digital cameras.. along with our other usual equipment.

Setting Up

We met with the contest winners at a nearby restaurant first. We got aquainted with them and gave them a run down on how the night would go. Then we headed to the factory, and got all the equipment inside. The contest winners and those who haven't seen the place yet got a tour while we started setting up. We set "central base" in the office area, like we did the second time there (separate enough from the floor that we don't interfere with the investigation). Once we had the cameras set up and running.. we took photos, temp. and EMF readings.. Then went lights out. We took about 30 minutes of silent treatment before the first teams went out..

Personal Experiences of the Night

Contest Winner Tina Siedel says...

"Okay, my first "legitimate" ghost hunt was with the Alli Paranormal group and we investigated a business called Bourne located in Corunna MI. After having some difficulty with setting up the camera/equipment, we finally got down to business. A small group of us including Tom, Rhonda and myself went up stairs. Not quite sure if it was the East or West end but it was the one without the "TARP". Very dark and chilly. Initially, everything seemed very blurry to all of us. Then it seemed to clear up. Maybe just dust settling from our moving around. Then we proceeded to ask questions, such as if there was anyone there with us please make a sound or give us a sign. Lots of knocking at that end of the building. Some smaller stuff was the building settling I'm certain but as certain as I was of that, I was also certain that other louder knocks were NOT that of settling. And we all noticed at the same time a sound that came from the other end of the building(upstairs) a sort of dragging sound. At one point in the night in that area, my ghost meter that I was holding went off. All the way into the red, and lasted maybe 5 secs. It got real cold at that point and our temperature gauge went from like 70 to 54 in about 3 secs. Eventually, we moved to the other side of the building, still upstairs. Lots of the same activity. We asked if whoever was there would they rather we put the camera down and we got horribly loud knocks. I took that as a yes. Lots of undefinable shadows all night. No windows around to make shadows. Once we finally went downstairs and regrouped a few of us went downstairs (mainfloor) It was Amy, Felicia, Monica (the other contest winner) and myself. We went back upstairs. I had had enough of the upstairs scene. LOL. Anyway, to make a long story short, there was one time where I felt like I was rocking from side to side and couldn't stop. They snapped pics around me(don't know if anything came of that) Eventually it stopped. The worse part of the night for me was when Rhonda, Tom, and I went to the main floor. Not certain which side, but we sat on pallets. We all agreed that none of us felt really anything. Then all of a sudden both Rhonda and I saw what looked to be a figure moving from right to left in the door way going into the other room. I am no good at judging distance, but I'd say it was maybe 100 ft. The first thing that I thought of when I saw it was a woman from like the fifties era. I saw an old style hairdo, and dress. Sounds funny even typing that because I still don't know if that's what I saw (as far as description goes). It was definitely a figure, but woman from the fifties popped into my head and wouldn't leave. Shortly thereafter I saw to the left of me more towards the ground, but very close to us(within 15 ft) a shadow on the ground. Maybe animal......dunno. At that point, I felt like I was in a position that was not right and I was not going to be in control of me or my surroundings. I have never had a panic attack but that's the best way I could describe the overwhelming feelings that were coming over me. I had to get out. Rhonda said she needed out also and we both felt sick to our stomach. There was definitely something in that building. Very strange, but awesome."

Personal Experiences of the Night

Team Member Amy Tottingham says...

"To start the night I went into the downstairs area with the two contest winners, Martin and Monica, and while down at the one end and the other team was at the opposite end upstairs I could hear not only footsteps above us but sounds like something being moved across the floor. I also seen a lot of shadows while sitting down there. Then at the opposite end I also heard a lot of footsteps and at one point thought my coat had been tugged.

When I went in again and went upstairs with a larger group of people, contest winner Martin, Lloyd, Shelly, and Cris, at some times there was really loud bangs that would go from one side of us to another, and it seemed at one point to sound like something was getting closer then would get farther away. I also experienced something I cannot explain... while upstairs I thought I had seen someone that seemed to be working and then turn and look at me. It was not like a real person but a dark shadow, but it did look like it turned and looked over in our direction.

I had so much fun and the stuff I heard and saw here was crazy. I loved it and cannot wait for the next time we get to go. "

Personal Experiences of the Night

Team Fill-in Shelly Moiles says...

"The one thing that came to my mind was while sitting on the West side downstairs and the other team walkied to us letting us know they were preparing to come to the West side upstairs. Suddenly we heard hard, loud footstep coming towards us about the center of the building where the floor slants downwards. When Lloyd walkied back to Amy to see where they were upstairs she said they had not moved yet but were getting ready to. At that same time Amys group felt as if something were behind them going to the other side! What we heard would have been in front of them! Awesome night!"

Personal Experiences of the Night

Team Member Cris Valenzuela says...

"(In regard to Shelly's post above) That was a big one for me too because it sounded like more than one person but they said they had not moved yet. Also, when we were in the room where Amy got touched, (Shelly, LLoyd Martin and I) heard tons of footsteps walking all around the room, even surrounding us at one point. Also in the "tarp toom" had the flashlight tugged out of my hand and what seemed to be footsteps actually intelligently responding to things I said."

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