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11/07/20 - Business in Jackson, MI.
11/14/20 - Residence in Owosso, MI.
11/21/20 - Request Investigation Date.

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12/05/20 - Request Investigation Date.
12/12/20 - Request Investigation Date.
12/19/20 - Request Investigation Date.


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Solar X-rays
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Case # 007 - The Investigation

This business is a small market store serving a community in Owosso, MI. The store closed at 11 PM, so we arrived there an hour early to start getting things ready. We were given a small tour of the store we haven't seen, which is just the basement and back rooms. As soon as the store closed, we started setting up. We set up central base in the backroom, in the far back of the building with the most room and the quietest.

We had 5 cameras recording.. IR cam 1 in the "meatroom", where we had heard stories of the meat grinders turning on by themselves; IR cam 2 was on top of one of the aisles, getting an "aerial view" of the front of the store; IR cams 3 & 4 were out on the store floor facing different angles. We also put a nightvision camera in the basement, where there have been reports of people being scared or not liking to go down there.

We put voice recorders.. pretty much in the 4 corners of the building, and carried one with each team. We also had EMF meters, and a digital thermometer, along with our other usual equipment. And we took before and after photos, for comparison purposes.

When everything was set and running, we gave a small silent treatment and then the first team of 2 went into the basement for the 1st 1-hour session. Following them was the second team, who went into the "meatroom" for a few minutes and then wandered around the main floor while sitting in certain spots here and there for their hour. The third team also went into the basement for about 30 minutes, before going onto the main floor for the rest of their time.

We had a problem with the darkness and noise out on the main floor. Being a working and running party/grocery store, there were coolers that had to be left running.. and while some of the cooler lights were able to be shut off, not all of them were and the store was actually quite lit up. The darkest areas were in the back rooms and in the basement, of course, giving those areas the creepiest feelings, if any.

None of the team members there that night experienced anything too significant. The 1st team to go in the basement did say that there were cold drafts coming from somewhere down there that they couldn't place. The basement didn't have any windows, so where a draft was coming from is hard to explain. Otherwise, there isn't anything personal to report from the team.

A couple of things were noticed on video as the night went on. Those timestamps were marked and we'll see what comes of it when we go back over the evidence collected. So check back!

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