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11/07/20 - Business in Jackson, MI.
11/14/20 - Residence in Owosso, MI.
11/21/20 - Request Investigation Date.

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The winter months (December, January, February) are typically our off season months, due to us needing to be outside for parts of the investigation. We can and will investigate for an emergency, so please contact us and we'll work it out. We are also open to investigating for non-emergencies, if you happen to have a garage or somewhere we can stay warm. Businesses are also always welcomed.


12/05/20 - Request Investigation Date.
12/12/20 - Request Investigation Date.
12/19/20 - Request Investigation Date.


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Solar X-rays
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Case # 005 - The Investigation

This is our second time at this location. The first was about 2 months ago, in January 2010. Since we caught some amazing EVPs and had some of our own personal experiences there the first time.. we decided we wanted to go back to try to help and get more answers.

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We did things a little bit differently this time. We set up "central base" in the office area that we didn't investigate before. It's quieter and not on the floor so we don't have to worry about the noise we make. The paranormal "hot spots" were, basically, everywhere, so we set up our IR cameras with one facing each end. 2 upstairs, 2 down. We set another nightvision camera in the other breakroom where we caught 2 EVPs last time. And the last upstairs facing into the room where a woman was seen. We also had 4 voice recorders running, 2 EMF meters and a digital thermometer.. along with other equipment.

Once everything was set up and running, we split up into teams of 2 and teams of 3, while at least 2 people stayed back and watched cameras. One team went upstairs on one end.. and the second team was downstairs on the opposite end. The first hour or so into the investigation was extremely quiet. A couple of members thought they heard a car pull into the parking lot and open/close their car door. Checking the parking lot, there was no one out there. Then, members watching cameras in the breakroom kept hearing noises, like someone was outside of that room. Otherwise, it was quiet until the second set of teams went.

Things slowly started to pick up. The team downstairs was hearing noises above them, like footsteps and people talking. They also heard a loud bang near the middle of the factory. The team upstairs also heard the loud bang, along with other bangs in the room with them, similar to those we experienced the first time there. With the first loud noise, they felt something there and shined the flashlight where they heard the noise. Members watching cameras then radioed and said they thought they saw a mist on the floor in the area that the team investigating was in. They said it was going towards the investigators.

When the first 2 teams went out for the second time, things got even more interesting. The team downstairs started to see shadows and 2 of the 3 members out there saw a person walk across the open area, down behind our camera. Standing there looking for several minutes, they were asking it to do something more obvious.. And one of our members was then pushed to the ground. He didn't just fall over, he was knocked down and hit the floor hard, by an unknown source. It happened so fast, the other members were shocked.

20 minutes or so later, they switched to the other side of the factory. Sitting on the opposite end, they again started to see shadows. 2 members also thought they were being touched, their hair played with.. and were feeling some very cold spots. The last group that went out for the night experienced the same cold spots, in the same area, but didn't feel too much else. At this point, it was almost 6 am, and we decided to stop for the night and start packing up. What an interesting night it turned out to be when things started out quiet..

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