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The winter months (December, January, February) are typically our off season months, due to us needing to be outside for parts of the investigation. We can and will investigate for an emergency, so please contact us and we'll work it out. We are also open to investigating for non-emergencies, if you happen to have a garage or somewhere we can stay warm. Businesses are also always welcomed.


01/30/21 - Request Investigation Date.


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02/27/21 - Request Investigation Date.


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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field
Case # 003 - Audio - EVP Evidence

These clips can be played without headphones. Listen closely. We'll say what we think we hear, but you may hear something different than us, so judge for youself.

If the player doesn't work for you, click here instead.

This is a pretty light EVP, caught on the main floor of the home, when no one was anywhere near the recorder. Different people hear different things.. some heard "helping her", others heard "help, it hurts". Even the home owner hears something different. But everyone agrees on the "help" part.

If the player doesn't work for you, click here instead.

This was caught when we were in the basement. We were trying to figure out what was making noises on the floor. You'll hear the voice immediately before one of our members says "it looks like a tooth" (it wasn't a tooth, though!)

If the player doesn't work for you, click here instead.

This is the same clip from above, just shortened so you only hear the voice. This one is really hard to explain. The accent is so strange, it just doesn't fit at all. Our audio analyst thinks it says "you gotta be kiddin'", but other members heard.. something something kill or killing. Same with the home owner. So, just take it as it is. We know it says something, but what? We may never know...

If the player doesn't work for you, click here instead.

A broom slid from the wall and landed by a member, almost hitting her. We don't believe we made it fall, and everyone had been asking for someone to push it down all night.. And it finally did. This was first clipped for the bloopers page, because members reactions were funny, but we also think it may be significant to the case, since it did infact fall on its own, in front of us.

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