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Solar X-rays
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Case # 002 - The Investigation

The team met for a pre-investigation meeting at 6 PM and went over details and the rest of the history of the location. We then headed over to the factory and got a full tour before we started setting up. The building is 2 stories tall and very long both ways. The breakroom, bathroom and stairs to second floor were all near eachother and almost center in the building, so we set up "central base" there in the breakroom. The paranormal "hot spots" were spread out pretty far, but the factory itself is well open all the way through, so we set up our IR cameras with one facing each end. 2 upstairs, 2 down. And we set another nightvision camera on a room where a woman was seen looking out the window. We also had 4 voice recorders running, 2 EMF meters and a digital thermometer on us.. along with digital cameras for photos, walkie-talkies and many flashlights.

Once everything was set up and running, we sat around in the breakroom and gave a small "silent treatment", while watching the cameras for any curious activity. We split up into 2 teams of 4, and all went out into the dark. One team upstairs on one end.. and the other team downstairs on the opposite end. The first hour or so into the investigation proved to be interesting. Both teams heard many strange sounds.. some small that could have been chalked up to being the building settling, and others that were louder and are harder to explain. One team heard light footsteps above them, and when radioing the other team, no one was walking around. Also heard what would be described as metal rolling around above. The same team then smelled some kind of food smell around them, that disappeared a few seconds later. The other team also heard footsteps and loud bangs, along with 2 of them seeing a possible shadow figure move around.

After the first hour or two, we took a short break and then said bye to an investigator and our guest/friend/foreman, who had to leave early. From then on, the rest of the night was quiet.. eerily and strangely quiet. No little sounds that we thought was settling before, nothing. An old factory like that not making any kind of noise at all, anymore, for the rest of our time there, was really weird and had a creepy feeling to it. Something just didn't seem right. But that's how it was, quiet, for the rest of the investigation. And the only other thing that happened to us that night, was another smell that 2 investigators smelled.. something along the lines of sulfur or something smokey. Very unusual, but interesting night we had...

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