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These are our upcoming investigations and available dates. Click an open date if you wish to request an investigation from us. We are free of charge!

Off Season

The winter months (December, January, February) are typically our off season months, due to us needing to be outside for parts of the investigation. We can and will investigate for an emergency, so please contact us and we'll work it out. We are also open to investigating for non-emergencies, if you happen to have a garage or somewhere we can stay warm. Businesses are also always welcomed.


01/30/21 - Request Investigation Date.


02/06/21 - Request Investigation Date.
02/13/21 - Request Investigation Date.
02/20/21 - Request Investigation Date.
02/27/21 - Request Investigation Date.


Donations are always very much appreciated in any amount and we thank anyone willing to help us out.

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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field
Welcome to!

ALLI is a Paranormal Investigation Team based in Owosso, Michigan. We're a group of local Mid-Michigan residents looking for signs of spiritual activity in and around the Mid-Michigan area. We're looking in Shiawassee, Saginaw, Genesee, Clinton, Gratiot, Midland, Bay & Ingham Counties, plus, are willing to go further should the need for help arise.

Our mission is simple. To look for and display evidence of spiritual activity and help those who are dealing with it. With the right tools and the right team, we hope to help people in need, to understand and educate on what is or could be occuring in their homes or businesses. So, if you feel you have strange happenings in your home or business, have a look around the site and give us an email or call. We're here to help and are completely free of charge for consultations, research and investigations.

We have been helping people with paranormal activity since April 2009, but started ALLI in November 2009. We have all the tools and experiences to help anyone in need.
Updates / Team News

Below will be updates with the team and the website, along with news and/or special moments that we've had happen on our journey, etc.

Keep an eye out here or find us on Facebook for all future updates and announcements!!